Effective and Practical Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching is Missing from the Modern Medical System.
Partner With The Medical Community, Tap Into A Powerful Referral System and Accelerate Your Career and Profitability. 

Stop Missing Out And Partner With Doctors And Pharmacists Who Work With Metabolic Syndrome Patients And Do It Easily With This Done For You Diet And Lifestyle Change Program And Certification.
We are in the middle of the biggest healthcare crisis of our time
The source?
A devastating trifecta of symptoms that affects 19.1% of Canadian adults and 40% of Canadians over the age of 65.
And it’s not just in Canada…
In the U.S., the incidence is even more staggering: 23% of the population has been diagnosed with this disease. And one in three people over the age of 25 in Australia.

This disease sweeping the western world has resulted in...
● 43% of all deaths in Canada.
● A significant drain on the healthcare system. (It accounts for over 17% of all healthcare costs!)
So what is this mysterious illness that is crippling the medical system and overwhelming the medical community?
Metabolic Syndrome AKA MetS.
It’s a life-threatening cluster of alarmingly common symptoms: abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol, and varying degrees of glucose intolerance or insulin resistance resulting in diabetes and pre-diabetes.

For the growing population of patients with Metabolic Syndrome, there are two potential outcomes that must be avoided at all costs:
Heart Attack and Death.
That’s the bad news.
Here’s the GOOD news:
Metabolic Syndrome is preventable and potentially reversible with the right nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations. Yet medical doctors and pharmacists aren’t trained in these areas and rarely provide helpful, effective and practical recommendations.
Feeling abandoned and let down by the medical system, patients with Metabolic Syndrome are actively seeking alternative methods.
They are highly motivated to invest the time and money to work with a coach who can potentially get them off some meds (or at least lower them) and reverse some of the previously diagnosed disease conditions.
Meanwhile, overwhelmed medical doctors and pharmacists are looking to refer their patients to qualified alternative practitioners who have specialized training and the right skillset to work with these sick patients.

This Is One Of The Biggest Opportunities The Health Coaching & Nutrition Industry Has Ever Seen…
What would it be like to wake up to an inbox full of referrals from medical doctors and pharmacists who rave about your programs?
What if instead of feeling stuck and uncertain about your role...you could serve a very defined demographic that understands your value and pays your worth?
You might never have to market yourself or sell again.
You could predict your income and escape the “feast and famine” cycle that plagues so many Health Coaches and Nutrition Practitioners like you.
Here’s why:
Partnering With Medical Professionals Is The Fastest Way To Grow Your Practice.
I know because I have done it. 
A Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and owner of The Metabolic Reset Diet and The Metabolic Syndrome Certification. 

When I first started my nutrition practice, I struggled to attract clients to book a free consult… let alone pay me for my programs. My confidence was at an all-time low. And so were my finances.
I was forking over thousands of dollars in office rent and business expenses and spending tons of time promoting myself. I thought I was doing “all the right things,” yet, all I heard were crickets.
That’s when I shifted my efforts away from self-promotion (which I hated), and focused on partnering with pharmacies and medical professionals.
That is when everything changed. 
I have partnered with multiple pharmacies and doctors and they recommend my programs ALL THE TIME.
They continuously send me chronically ill people with Metabolic Syndrome who are getting sicker by the day. 
They want ME to coach and help their patients change their diet and lifestyle!
I am making huge improvements in people’s health, helping doctors and pharmacists reduce their patient’s medications and making money doing what I love.
The key to this?
I figured out how to fit in and truly partner with them.

There’s a gap in the healthcare system and nutritionists, health coaches, RHN’s and Nutritional Consultants fit in perfectly.
Here is the problem…
Most people turn to their doctors for help when their health starts to decline.
But what they usually get is a prescription to treat the condition, a consult with a surgeon or a SUGGESTION to change their diet and lifestyle.
Doctors and pharmacists leave patients in the dark on the most important, least invasive, cheapest way on HOW they can improve their health.
But it’s not their fault.

Pharmacists and doctors know they need to make diet and lifestyle recommendations to their patients.
But they DON’T HAVE THE TIME to dig deep and to show, coach, teach or help these patients change their diet and lifestyle! 
They have lineups and waiting rooms full of cranky, frustrated, chronically ill patients, that have no idea what to eat to improve their health.
This is where you fit perfectly.
Patients are filling multiple prescriptions for lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and obesity and it’s drastically affecting our health care system.
Our healthcare system is facing overload and collapse without you and patients are getting sicker not better!

You can help doctors and pharmacists cover the HOW. 

Increase your revenue and provide a service that sets you apart from traditional nutrition programs and make massive impact in people’s lives.

But there is a catch. You have to know what you are doing and have a proven program to deliver….
Doctors and Pharmacists only partner with health professionals that know what they are doing and who have a top quality diet and lifestyle program that can deliver real results.
The Metabolic Syndrome Certification and Diet and Lifestyle Change Program will not only give you the knowledge to effectively work with people with Metabolic Syndrome but also give you the exact steps to take to approach doctors and pharmacists and tell you exactly what to say.
I am providing you with everything you need to get yourself up and running and effectively work with clients with Metabolic Syndrome and start making real profits.
You won’t have to create the effective programming yourself. 

Everything is done for you!

Say goodbye to creating content, PowerPoints, scripts, program emails, nurture sequences, proposals, forms or sales pages ever again.
All Programming was created by qualified nutrition professionals who collectively hold various degrees including MSc in Biomedical Toxicology in Nutrition, BSc in Nutrition, MSc in Human Nutrition, Natural Nutrition Diplomas and Addictions Counselling diplomas. 
This gives you the science based approach that doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals are looking for.
I have all your bases covered!
Whether you are a seasoned nutrition practitioner wanting to niche down with Metabolic Syndrome clients or a new grad just starting out, everything you need is here.

You get: 
  •  A top quality science backed 12 week diet and lifestyle change program
  •  Effective well written proposals to send to medical professionals
  •  Coaching skills pertinent to people with MetS
  •  Short challenge programs to help potential clients to know like and trust you
  •  Sales pages that convert
  •  Email sequences for every step of the way
  •  Optin and thank you pages 
  •  Webinar bonuses to help your clients take the first steps
This is all done for you! 

The Metabolic Reset Diet and Lifestyle Change program has you covered in all possible areas. I have tested each and every component of this program and IT WORKS! 
Here is what is included at such a tremendous value.

Twelve Week Diet and Lifestyle Change Program
You will get 12 diet and lifestyle change lessons, PowerPoints, scripts, recorded videos, discussion topics, emails and multiple handouts per lesson. This program is gluten and dairy free.

Big Reason Why
Helps your clients discover exactly why they are embarking on a nutrition and health journey

The fundamentals of nutrition is broken down so your clients will easily understand.

Tips for following the plan 
Covers the most common questions and teaches them about meal balance, timing and serving sizes.

Shows how to navigate a grocery store to avoid pitfalls and how to batch cook to save them time

Introduces functional movement to keep them strong without spending hours at the gym

Teaches them exactly how to build good habits into their routine

Sticking with the Plan
Shows them how to stay accountable, to handle social situations and break free from cravings and binging

Eating out
Shows them how to navigate a restaurant without feeling deprived or socially isolated 

Food labels
Helps them to decipher a food label so that it makes sense 

Healthy digestion
Teaches how to improve digestion one step at a time

Helps them unlock the sleep-hormone connection and provides strategies to ensure good sleep hygiene 

Gives them powerful techniques to put the brakes on stress in 5 minutes or less

Review and moving forward
Give them the tools to move forward on their own

You also get:
Nutrition plans, food lists with exact measurements, recipes, 2 versions of a sales page that converts, email nurture sequence that sells your program for you.

Blog Posts and Educational Emails 
Well written articles that you can use as a blog post or an email to educate your followers about Metabolic Syndrome.  
Sugar Free Challenge 
This challenge helps people with one of their first steps, removing refined sugar from their diet.
  •  5-7 days of content in PDF and word
  •  Menu and recipes
  •  Daily emails
  •  Opt in and thank you page
  •  Social media content
Ditch the Junk Challenge 
This challenge helps people remove processed and highly refined food from their diet.
  •  Fully designed 24 page guide on removing processed foods
  •  Nurture email sequence and daily emails
  •  Graphics for 2 rounds of the challenge
  •  Opt in and thank you page
Practitioner Forms 
You will get all forms needed to run a successful nutrition practice
You will get 4 bonus lessons that you can use as webinars to sell your 12 week diet and lifestyle change program. These make amazing educational webinars to build up to your launch of the 12 week diet and lifestyle program. 
  •  Creating healthy meals lesson
  •  Getting started with exercise lesson,
  •  Simple batch cooking lesson
  •  How to menu plan lesson
Emotional Eating Workbook Created By An Addictions Counsellor
Help your clients get to the root cause of emotional eating. 
Medical Proposal
This medical proposal is well written and makes it easy for you to collaborate with pharmacies and doctors.
Science Based Reference Sites 
All of the references that were used to create the 12 week diet and lifestyle change program and the MetS education are provided for you to further your understanding or to help back up what you are teaching your clients. 
You will get 4 bonus lessons that you can use to sell your 12 week diet and lifestyle change program. These make amazing educational webinars to build up to your launch of the 12 week diet and lifestyle program. The topics are:
  •  Creating healthy meals 
  •  Getting started with exercise
  •  Simple batch cooking
  •  How to menu plan
All the content has been beautifully designed for you but…
You can edit, customize and brand everything as your own!
This is all yours copyright free to do as you wish.
That isn’t all I have for you. 
I have one more thing to get you effectively working with people who have Metabolic Syndrome.

Introducing Metabolic Syndrome Training
For Health Coaches, Nutritionists, Naturopathic Doctors and Licensed & Regulated Medical Professionals Who Want To Learn Proven Nutrition And Coaching Strategies So They Can Effectively Work With MetS Clients.
The Metabolic Syndrome Training is a world-class education program that provides in-depth, science-backed and research-based training in three areas:
  •  The Human Body
  •  Practical Nutrition
  •  Lifestyle Coaching
After successfully finishing this content, you will be able to:
  •  Position yourself as an expert to the medical community and have a specialized niche that sets you apart
  •  Feel confident when communicating with medical professionals on the complexities of the conditions associated with Metabolic Syndrome – high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and Type II Diabetes.
  •  Understand the human body specific to Metabolic Syndrome and the correlation between poor food choices, hormones, the gut, medication induced nutrient deficiencies and how targeted functional foods can improve the client’s health
  •  Use motivational interviewing and coaching psychology techniques to move clients through the stages of change, help them overcome their internal and external struggles and integrate lasting habits
  •  Implement a ‘feel good’ client consultation and assessment process
  •  Support the medical community and confidently coach your clients in a way that gets them results
Who Is The Metabolic Syndrome Training For?

This specific training is for any health and wellness professional whose scope of practice includes the ability to provide nutrition and lifestyle change recommendations.
It will give you the education, training and confidence you desire to create a thriving practice around the growing Metabolic Syndrome crisis if you are a:
  •  Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner
  •  Nutritionist
  •  Nutritional Consultant
  •  Health Coach
The MetS Training Covers:
The Metabolic Syndrome Training is instantly accessible and completely self-paced.
100% Online.

Study from any device, from anywhere in the world.
Study materials are downloads that you can come back to again and again.
This entire program has been designed with the busy professional in mind. Work through the content via the audio trainings, digital textbook and study guide at your own pace, on your own time schedule.
Research-Backed & Scientifically- Proven.
Holistic health and functional nutrition philosophy is matched with the research and science available to create the well-rounded MetS Training content.

Lifetime Access.
All links will be available for you to access at any time with no deadline.
Module 1: Foundations of The Human Body
To gain an in-depth understanding of the conditions associated with Metabolic Syndrome, you must first understand the systems of the body and how they work together.
Module 1 includes five chapters; by the end this module you will have a complete understanding of what Metabolic Syndrome is, the anatomy and physiology of a person diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome, the fundamentals of digestion, the endocrine system and energy production and metabolism as they specifically relate to Metabolic Syndrome.

Module 2: Nutrition Mastery
We’ve taken a functional and holistic approach to creating the nutrition training and protocol for this module. Dozens of research studies were reviewed (and noted) so that we had medically valid proof and could back up the ‘alternative’ nutrition claims that have been included. 
Module 2 includes five chapters and by the end of this module you will have a complete understanding of the macro and micronutrients, water and fluid balance, how to assess dietary habits and nutrients and how to formulate an effective and client compliant nutrition program for Metabolic Syndrome clients based on their personalized needs and medications. 
Module 3: Power Coaching Skills
Metabolic Syndrome clients are sick and can’t be given a regular run-of-the-mill detox or weight loss plan. It’s your job to coach them through the stages of change using motivational interviewing and coaching psychology techniques to help them overcome their internal and external struggles and integrate lasting habits.
Module 3 includes two chapters and by the end of this module you will have complete confidence in your professional ability to guide clients through the onboarding process and to co-create an action plan that includes nutrition and lifestyle changes that they will consistently follow. This module will help you to adopt the mindset and skills of a highly effective coach.
Beta Test Rate Now
Only $397 CDN
Regular Fee - $797 CDN
Who Am I!
Nikki has worked in the health and wellness field for 11 years starting as a fitness instructor with the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association. Nikki is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and graduated from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2014. 
She has furthered her nutrition education in Functional Nutrition with Andrea Nakayama Full Body Systems, Hashimoto's Institute and additional supplement training with Josh Gitalis. She is now an Functional Nutrition Coach for Josh Gitalis.
Nikki has a thriving nutrition practice and has partnered with multiple doctors and pharmacies. Her primary focus is on people with Metabolic Syndrome. She has consulted with colleges, the Be Fit for Life Centre and the YMCA. She has run nutrition programs for local government agencies, collaborated with Community Supported Agriculture organizations and is founder of the Metabolic Reset Diet and The Metabolic Syndrome Certification.
What Medical Professionals Are Saying About 
The Metabolic Reset Diet and Lifestyle Change Program
"When I encounter clients who would benefit from diet and lifestyle changes, I know what these patients need to do, but I don't have the time, nutrition knowledge or resources to be able to do it.”

Greg - Greg’s Remedy’s Prescribing Pharmacist.
"I have worked with Nikki both personally and have referred clients to her. When pharmacists help patients to manage their medications and health, weight is a common area that people want help in. When I refer clients to her I have the utmost confidence that Nikki does a great job of educating clients in how to lose weight safely and feel better. I specialize in hormone therapy and weight reduction is one of my goals with clients to help balance hormones.” 

Leigh – Solutions Pharmacy
I am now able to give them access to the quality nutritional counseling that will teach, coach and encourage them to take their health into their own hands. These patients have been so pleased with the opportunity to change their health on their own that they come back just to tell me how they are doing."

Bob BSP Prescribing Pharmacist
I know my patients have to adjust their diet and lifestyle to prevent future serious events, but up until I started teaming up with a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant I had nothing to offer them.

Kathy – BSP Prescribing Pharmacist
Become the go to coach, nutritionist or alternative healthcare practitioner for doctors and pharmacists working with people with Metabolic Syndrome. This done for you system gives you everything you need to partner and profit with medical professionals. No more creating programs, developing proposals, or creating sales pages and nurture emails. It is all done for you! And you can edit, change and brand as your own!
Get Priority Access When Enrolment Opens Again...
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